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No title for this piece

Post by Mad_Dog on Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:16 am

The fluttering of the light of the moon shone down upon me. I look not
down at my feet, but up... Up at the bright stars shining before myself.
Everything around me shone like gold. Thought I saw a UFO. It was a
shooting star. What's holding the moon up? Gravity, or pure thought?
Liquid droplets start to flutter down from the dark sky. Those liquid
droplets, why, they are tears. 'Tears of Angels', someone whispers to
me. I often wonder why the Angels cry... Now I know why. The world is in
terrible shape. There is no rain in Heaven. No one needs rain there.
Are there any plants? I like to think so. Plants are pretty. To look at,
to smell. They say if you talk with plants, they will grow better. If
that's the case, then can we all feed them milk to get calcium? What do
plants do then? What use do they have of milk and calcium? What liquid
goes in that soil. Well, where does it go? The soil. Well, the soil eats
it. Soil needs food. Everything needs food. Electronics need food.
Outlets need food. Outlets need a plug to consume. Get more energy,
waste electricity. Why? Nothing is everything. Everything is nothing. Be
glad of what you have. Be glad of what other people have. If other
people don't have it, give it to them. They don't have food, feed them.
No clothes, clothe them. Make this world better. Please.

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